AOL CEO Shakes Up Management, But Why?

After just two months on the job, AOL’s COO and exec in charge of mapping have been ousted.

New CEO Tim Armstrong hired Kim Partoll and John Kannapell in July, but this week, he fired them in a move to streamline the company before it spins off from Time Warner in the fourth quarter. Both Partoll and Kannapell had been with AOL for some time.

The Business Insider reports there was overlap between the COO and CFO duties, so Armstrong fired Partoll in favor of his new CFO, Artie Minson, who was hired in August. Same story different person over in the search and directional media department. Kannapell held that role until Armstrong went with Jon Brod instead.

As Business Insider acutely notes, “Either way, we give Tim credit for seeing something that wasn’t working and acting fast to correct it — even if it does make the whole company continue to look unstable in the short term.”

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