Verizon CEO Seidenberg Liberated from Landlines

Ivan Seidenberg is chill. Zen, you might say. Years of landline losses at his company, Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ), no longer have him pacing the boardroom like a caged kitty (that’s our visual).

Instead, Mr. S. sees video as the “core product in the fixed-line business,” the New York Times reported.

And that has him waxing philosophical – or at least that’s how he came across at this week’s Goldman Sachs investors conference in New York. You see, incumbent telcos have struggled the past few years with landline losses, watching customers defect to wireless-only plans, or to cable and VoIP rivals. But Seidenberg has decided that dwelling on the landline phone sector “is like the dog chasing the bus,” Seidenberg said, according to the Times.

His “thinking has matured,” he said. Meaning, rather than getting worked up about wireline phone losses, he’s looking at the gains Verizon expects from FiOS TV and Internet installations. The products use fiber-optic lines, so of course voice calling remains an option for Verizon customers – Seidenberg just intends to offer voice as an add-on, not the centerpiece.

“Once I shed myself of the burden of chasing the inflection point in access lines and say ‘I don’t care about that anymore,’ I am actually liberated,” he said.

Confucius would be proud.


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