Government Taps Google for Cloud, App Store

You don’t believe us when we say widgets and the cloud are changing services as we know it, forever? Look no further than the notoriously slow-moving federal government, which is shuffling off its staid image by launching its very own, iPhone-reminiscent app store and cloud environment.

The news came via blog post at, in which U.S. CIO Vivek Kundra noted that the White House’s failure to leverage the latest technology is a potential barrier to efficiency. That failure is a result of federal policies lagging trends, “causing unnecessary restrictions on the use of new technology,” he wrote. is an online storefront that will offer specialized functionalities for government workers, who can browse and purchase cloud-based IT services, for productivity, collaboration and efficiency.

It means that bureaucracy will be transitioned to the cloud, which is being built by Google Inc.. Federal employees will be able to pull down information to any broadband-connected device; and, they’ll now the able to use services like Gmail and other Web-delivered applications.

The idea? Cut down on the red tape.

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