Review: iPod Nano Improvements Good, Not Great

It’s only been available for a couple of days, but already, the reviews are pouring in online from bloggers and consumers. Most agree some of the features are good, but others leave something to be desired.

One such reviewer points out that the fifth-generation device doesn’t look much different, but says the “ton of tricks” improve the music player. It now records video and includes what is referred to as a “fairly spectacular radio” that even allows you to pause live music and play back up to 15 seconds of it. It also includes a speaker, although it’s certainly nothing like the sound quality when you have your headphones plugged in.

Some “oddities,” the cnet review says – like where the microphone and camera lens are placed (they’re located where it’s natural to hold the device), and the movement of the dock/headphone jack, which could impact some accessories – take away from some of the cool improvements. The review also says the video quality of your recordings is only “decent.”

But all things considered, the upgrade might be worth the $149 price tag for the 8GB version (that didn’t change) or $179 for 16GB (down $20 from the last generation of the Nano).

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