Report: AT&T Should Keep iPhone Exclusivity

As many assume the iPhone will be available on the Verizon network sometime next year, at least a couple of analysts are arguing that AT&T should fight to maintain its exclusive deal with Apple’s famous smartphone.

iSuppli Corp. says AT&T should keep iPhone exclusivity because of growth of the HSPA standard. iSuppli says HSPA has a much brighter future than EVDO, the standard used by Verizon.

An analyst at Gartner Inc. has also said that AT&T will extend its deal with Apple.

The flip side of the argument, of course, for Apple, is that there would be a whole lot more opportunity to sell the iPhone if it were available on more than one network. And not everyone – including an analyst at J. Gold Associates – believes the HSPA growth argument is a big enough factor in the decision.

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