Sprint Unveiling Unlimited Cell-to-Cell Plan

Sprint today is introducing a new calling plan that gives customers unlimited cell-to-cell calls to anyone in the U.S. Dubbed “Any Mobile, Anytime,” the new plan will set you back $70, but it includes data.

Sprint, which has approximately 50 million customers on its wireless network, sees this as a real benefit because it makes the 160 million customers on AT&T and Verizon’s networks available to its callers at no extra charge.

Just keep in mind, as the name indicates, that calls to landline phones are not included. Those will come out of your 450-minute monthly allotment. For another $20, you can get 900 minutes. Both plans also give you unlimited text messaging and e-mail, as well as pictures and video. If you’re phone has GPS, use of that is also unlimited.

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