CTI Group, Geckotech Partner

CTI Group (Holdings) Inc., a developer of wireless and VoIP recording, analysis and invoice management applications, has announced its U.S. operation is now partnering with Geckotech to provide ACD call management and call recording solutions to its call center customers. Since CTI Group’s ACD call management and call recording applications are both fully integrated with BroadSoft’s M6 platform, Geckotech is able to provide robust, user-friendly solutions that they can trust, said the company.

“With existing customers in need of both ACD reporting and call recording, we needed to find solutions quickly. We considered many options, but in the end, were most impressed by the features and functionality of CTI Group’s products. Not only were they integrated at the switch level, providing a higher level of security and better functionality, but they also had the tools that our customers really needed for their day-to-day operations,” said Josh Robbins, managing partner, Geckotech.

“By integrating with BroadSoft’s M6 platform, we are able to easily install our applications with a service provider, such as Geckotech. The application has already undergone such extensive testing with BroadSoft’s M6 platform that there is very little testing needed at the service provider level. We are excited to work with Geckotech to provide call recording and ACD reporting to their existing customers as well as future new customers,” added Sid Rao, CTO, CTI Group.

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