Report: Palm Pre Sales to Miss Estimates

A new report says sales of the Palm Pre are likely to fall way short of the 1 to 1.5 million smartphones that Sprint had hoped to sell in the third quarter.

David Eller of Town Hall Investment Research says Sprint and Palm have reason to feel downright gloomy. Although no official sales numbers have been released, Eller believes the companies will move only slightly more than 400,000 of the devices this quarter. A previous estimate was closer to 500,000.

The news could be brighter for the upcoming holiday season. Eller expects almost 800,000 Pres to sell between October 1 and the end of the year. But competition from the iPhone and others will likely keep that number from rising higher, Eller writes. He says Sprint’s estimate for sales was just too high considering the state of the economy and the release of the iPhone 3G S. Even so, 800,000 Pres sold next quarter would be nothing to shake a stick at.

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