BlackBerry in Trouble? iPhone Ready for Business

Is the iPhone primed to take over BlackBerry’s lead in the business world? That’s the contention of blogger Clive Armitage, who, in writing for bitemarks, refers to himself as an “avid BB user.”

There are chinks in the BlackBerry armor, he says. While the BlackBerry historically has been considered a better device for e-mail, that might be changing. More users are finding e-mail on the iPhone to be not as difficult as they once thought. And e-mail, Armitage writes, is the primary reason BlackBerry has been favored for business in the past.

Armitage goes as far to say the BlackBerry is “in serious trouble from the iPhone.” He also points out that added competition in the smartphone market – the Palm Pre, for example – naturally will reduce BlackBerry’s market share. The Londoner visited San Francisco last week and has another, simple reason for his assumptions about the rise of the iPhone: “… it was astonishing to see how many iPhones were being used versus BBs. I’d hazard a guess it was as much as 3 to 1.”

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