AT&T iPhone Users Are Network Capacity Hogs

For a while, iPhone users were the gloaty ones, having gotten their paws on that cool Apple Inc. (AAPL) device and all.

Now the rest of us can indulge in some schadenfreude because it seems AT&T Inc.’s (T) 9 million iPhone users are network hogs and creating terrible service for themselves and their compatriots. Apparently, iPhone users eat up 20 times more capacity than other smartphone users.

That means downloading, texting, surfing and even app use move as one reporter aptly called “glacial” speeds.

But before we non-AT&T/iPhone subscribers grow a little too snarky, analysts warn that smartphone demand on other networks is starting to lead to the same problems.

Oh. Perhaps it would be wise to rethink that shadenfreude because you know what they say about karma…

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