NEC Enhances UC for Enterprise Portfolio

NEC Unified Solutions Inc. has introduced significant updates to its unified communications suite, UC for Enterprise (UCE). Enhancements to the suite include the introduction of UCE Mobility, Microsoft Outlook integration for UCE Desktop Client, and new integration capabilities for the UCE Attendant.

When deployed with NEC’s enterprise-class UNIVERGE SV8500 communications server, UCE Mobility offers users single-number reach for locating users on any mobile device through one office number; an easy-to-use interface for users to remotely change their status and set contact rules for when to simultaneously ring multiple phone numbers; simultaneous ring, where users can designate up to five numbers to ring at the same time when the office number is dialed; and unified voice mail.

Also deployed with the SV8500 communications server, UCE Desktop Client now provides a centralized interface where users can access collaborative features and options, including Microsoft Outlook toolbar integration; UC collaboration with a few clicks of the mouse; and conference manager, allowing users to initiate ad hoc conference calls, drag and drop participants, or simply participate in a “meet-me” conference. This feature does require the NEC VS32 audio bridge or conference trunk cards on the communications server.

Finally, the UCE Attendant is now NEC’s sole attendant console application for the enterprise market and features enhanced productivity features for general business, health care and hospitality.

All UCE applications and features rely upon the UCE Application Platform (UNIVERGE OW5000), which provides the presence engine and database infrastructure required by UCE as well as the developer tools for third-party solutions as part of the UNIVERGE Solutions Partner Program.

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