MyTELEPATH Uses Ecessa for VoIP Over Redundant Links

IT EXPO — Ecessa announced Wednesday that telephony provider MyTELEPATH is utilizing Ecessa’s ClariLink, a WAN controller with specialized SIP-application delivery, to ensure reliability of its VoIP services over multiple low-cost broadband connections such as T1, DSL and cable.

While large enterprises can afford to deploy VoIP over leased lines, small and medium businesses need to use the lower-cost alternatives. By adding ClariLink, MyTELEPATH can deploy SIP traffic across multiple network connections for to ensure redundancy.

“ClariLink allows MyTELEPATH and our partners to provide robust, cost-effective business-class voice service over multiple broadband providers, while ensuring reliable call delivery, even if a service provider has an outage,” said Tom Drill, vice president of business development at MyTELEPATH. “Our goal is to give our SME customers feature rich, affordable and reliable IP Telephony service over low-cost broadband connections, giving them a similar experience to using a high-cost dedicated circuit.”

ClariLink works seamlessly with the NetSapiens SNAPswitch solution MyTELEPATH uses to deliver its VoIP services. “Working with NetSapiens, we hope to deliver affordable technology to other telephony providers,” said Ron Thomas, CEO at Ecessa. “We also view this as an opportunity to use this example as a proof point to expand our relationship with NetSapiens within their service platform environment.”

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