SoundBite Introduces Campaign Management Tools

SoundBite Communications Inc. (SDBT) announced it has enhanced its Intelligent Communications Platform for multichannel customer communications with the release of new, customizable campaign management tools to manage ongoing campaigns and contact center resources from one central location. The customizable console creates a user-defined view of real-time performance data and provides access to SoundBite’s suite of campaign pacing models. Contact center managers can properly allocate agent resources and reduce hold times and customer hang-ups by selecting the pacing model most appropriate for their contact center environment, the company said.

SoundBite’s campaign management console is designed to accommodate different roles within an organization. Each user can tailor the best presentation of agent statistics and campaign metrics, conveying real-time campaign activity in a productive and actionable way. The console incorporates familiar Web application user-control features to simplify changes and to access business intelligence. As a result, users can manage multiple campaigns from a single page using fewer mouse clicks. These control features allow users to access a menu of key performance indicators using right click actions; view campaign status through mouse-over and icon indicators; gain real-time insight on work remaining with a pop-up management display; and make on-screen changes to campaigns with edit-in-place functionality.

Many contact centers have agents dedicated to a single account, while blended contact center environments have agents handling many different types of accounts. SoundBite offers multiple pacing models to support both environments.

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