Report: Jobs Micromanaging Apple Tablet

The obsession of a genius is often forgivable when the final result is, say, the laws of thermodynamics, or the Sistine Chapel, or even, say, the set design for Mad Men. But what happens when a CEO comes back from a leave of absence to micromanage every last detail surrounding a … tablet notebook?

Citing the ever-popular “sources familiar with the matter,” the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Steve Jobs is not just involved or interested or keeping a watchful eye on Apple Inc.’s latest buzztool, but he’s intimately involved in its conception, killing two iterations of the device already. The tablet is his main focus, sucking up almost all of the transplant survivor’s attention. The intensity trickles down even to the sales and marketing folk – who are presumably delighted, just delighted to have such a spotlight following them around. The picture almost sounds like Jobs is Sauron’s eye in Lord of the Rings: Pick up the tablet, and he’ll know you’re there.

Who knows if it’s quite that obsessive around Cupertino these days, but the reported revisions and prototype scrapping could explain why so many different conflicting rumors have flown around the geek-sphere regarding the tablet’s features and launch date. One report even said there would be two different sizes launched – a 6-inch screen and a 10-inch.

What seems to be certain is that the Apple tablet does exist, and will become visible, just like Snuffy on Sesame Street. It’s bound to be a touchscreen (natch). Beyond that, we suppose you’ll have to wait to see what Jobs’ Appletastic genius yields out of the lab.

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