Technology Alignment, snom Team for VoIPTelCaster PBX

snom technology AG and Technology Alignment Inc. have announced the full integration of the entire product line of telephones on their VoIPTelCaster PBX, ranging from the VTC 50 to the VTC 1000. After testing and deploying the phones internally, Technology Alignment has selected snom phones as the premier line of its telephony offering. snom’s green VoIP phone portfolio, noted for being the lowest power consumption telephones in the market today, makes snom the perfect match for the VTC green series aimed at the SOHO and SMB markets, the companies claimed.

“We were looking for a world class solution for our VoIPTelCaster PBX and snom provides a quality solution for companies of every size,” said Kade Price, vice president, development, Technology Alignment Inc. “As the company reaches further into the SMB and enterprise markets, the snom line provides a true value proposition for the VoIPTelCaster PBX.”

The company plans to offer a full unified solution in Q1 2010 of the VoIPTelCaster PBX with its Pioneer Sentry surveillance system currently in development. The snom 820 and 870 phones allow cameras to be monitored on the telephone’s display in turn allowing business owners to view cameras located around a facility. The snom line fits the company’s plans for unifying all technologies including its CRM.

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