Survey: iPhone Users More Satisfied than Palm Pre Users

So how do you decide which is better – the new Apple iPhone 3G S or the Palm Pre? You take it to the people.

A survey conducted by ChangeWave Research shows a whopping 99 percent satisfaction rate among 3G S users; that’s despite all of the problems AT&T has had with its network. The Pre didn’t do half bad, either, pulling an 87 percent rating.

The biggest difference came in the level of satisfaction. More than four in five 3G S purchasers who said they were satisfied, said they were very satisfied. Only about half of the satisfied Pre customers fell into the very category.

The survey also asked what people liked and disliked most about the two phones. The iPhone 3G got props for its fast, easy-to-use browser and its touchscreen. People also liked the Pre for its touchscreen, but also the phone’s ability to multitask.

Battery life and the AT&T network ranked highest on the iPhone list of dislikes. The Pre got jeers for battery life as well as a failure to provide access to third-party apps.

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