Cloud Work Group Formed

The Open Group, a vendor-neutral consortium, has formed a cloud computing committee, the Cloud Work Group, to focus on enterprise requirements for cloud computing deployments based on open standards.

Some of the early participants include vendors IBM and Sun, and enterprises like Eli Lilly.

The Cloud Work Group seeks to develop a common understanding between buyers and suppliers of how enterprises, regardless of size or scale of operation, can include cloud computing technology in a safe and secure way in their architectures to realize its significant cost, scalability and agility benefits.

“The Cloud Work Group intends to collaborate with and complement the great work that is already being done in the industry, in order to help enterprises that wish to build cloud technologies into their architectures in a way that is secure, beneficial and avoids unnecessary vendor lock-in,” said Dave Lounsbury, vice president, Collaboration Services, The Open Group.

The first deliverable of the Cloud Work Group will be to publish a Business Scenario for Enterprise Cloud Computing, based on end-user requirements discussed at The Open Group’s July Enterprise Architecture Conference held in Toronto. Business scenarios can be used by enterprises in various stages to derive architecture requirements.

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