Rumor Time: Apple to Phase Out iPhone 3G?

Another day, another Apple rumor.

The only 8GB option for iPhone these days is the second-generation, $99 iPhone 3G, but unsubstantiated reports are coming in that it soon will be replaced on the Rogers Canada network by an 8GB version of the new iPhone 3G S.

An internal Rogers screenshot has been posted at Cult of Mac showing 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB versions of the iPhone 3G S. Meanwhile Boy Genius Report has screenshots – unconfirmed, mind you – that Apple wants to sell out of the iPhone 3G and replace it with an 8GB iPhone 3G S.

A Rogers rep told Gizmodo that no such device exists.

“Yet” might be the unspoken operative term here? Or is it just another media rumor?

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