T-Mobile myTouch Beats Palm Pre, iPhone

T-Mobile USA’s myTouch 3G launched this week for $199, prompting an immediate flurry of speculation over whether the handset can bring T-Mobile the droves of new subscribers it wants and needs.

The carrier itself said Thursday that the myTouch will give it “opportunities for new growth.”

T-Mobile is making the myTouch available nationwide, including through a distribution partnership with Radio Shack.

But how does it stack up against its high-profile competitors, like the iPhone and the Palm Pre? The handset – the second Android device for T-Mo – supports Google Voice, something the iPhone famously does not. It’s also highly customizable, in contrast with the rather limited options for iPhone and the Palm Pre. But its launch lacked the buzz of the Pre launch and the waiting lines of an iPhone release.

All three offer e-mail and real Web browsing. All three have garnered decent reviews for functionality and interface. When it comes to widgets, the Android Market has more apps than Palm’s App Catalog, but neither can touch the depth of options at the Apple App Store.

So how to decide? For many people, it comes down to gut instinct, aesthetic preferences, business functionality and other deal-breakers. For others, it’s all about the cold hard cash. And according to BillShrink, the myTouch is a clear winner in the cash category, no matter what the Sprint ads helpfully point out about saving money on the Now network with the Pre.

All three smartphones cost $199 for new customers, but BillShrink – an online pricing plan comparison engine – decided to do a side-by-side comparison with the total cost of ownership over two years. The results are as follows (and it should be noted that the figures are BillShrink’s, not compiled by xchange, VON or PHONE+).

  • myTouch 3G $1998 – 1000 minutes/month + unlimited data and messaging
  • Palm Pre: $2359 – 900 minutes/month + unlimited data and messaging
  • iPhone 3G S: $2839 – 900 minutes/month + unlimited data and messaging
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