FreedomVOICE Unveils Military Suspension Plan

FreedomVOICE, creators of the FreedomIQ Hosted VoIP PBX, have announced a Military Suspension Plan to benefit armed service members using business VoIP. The new plan was created in response to a request made by a member of the United States military.

On June 24, FreedomVOICE came across a post discussing an unfortunate situation that members of the United States military are being faced with. Although representing our country on foreign soil, many VoIP service providers are still forcing soldiers to pay to maintain their current VoIP plan while on tour, even if they are not using the service.

“FreedomVOICE has the utmost respect and support for United States soldiers, and in response to this undesirable VoIP service situation, we are announcing a new solution specifically created for members of the United States armed forces,” says Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE. “Effective immediately, any soldiers utilizing the FreedomIQ VoIP service will have the opportunity to reap the benefits of the FreedomIQ Military Suspension Plan. The plan will allow military personnel to keep their contract with FreedomVOICE with no obligation to pay monthly fees while traveling abroad for military purposes. Upon return, all the soldier has to do is notify FreedomVOICE to reactivate their account and they will be able to pick up right where they left off.”

FreedomVOICE encourages other VoIP providers, both residential and business, to create similar plans for military personnel.

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