Verizon Gives Home Internet Subs Free Wi-Fi

Following in the footsteps of its cable competitors and fulfilling earlier reported rumors, Verizon Communications Inc. said this week that it will give home broadband subscribers free access to its Wi-Fi hot spots.

Verizon is working with hotspot aggregator Boingo Wireless to bring the footprint to its residential broadband customers. To be eligible for the free access, subscribers must be signed up for FiOS 20mbps per second downstream/15mbps upstream or faster, or 3mbps or higher DSL service.

Boingo offers hotspots nationwide, including hotels, airports, restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and convention centers.

The strategy of allowing subscribers to take their home broadband on the go is something Cablevision, Comcast and others are experimenting with, as it results in a sticky, differentiating service. In Cablevision’s case, it drove 70 percent growth in its New York metro footprint, where it competes head to head with Verizon.

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