FCC to Start Next Week With Full Complement

The Senate has unanimously approved the nominations of Mignon Clyburn and Meredith Attwell Baker to the FCC.

Both women were given the thumbs-up last week by the Senate Commerce Committee but were waiting on the rest of the legislative body to conduct a confirmation vote.

Clyburn, a Democrat, and Baker, a Republican, are expected to join the FCC next week. Clyburn, a Democrat, replaces Jonathan Adelstein, who now heads the Rural Utilities Service; Baker, a former National Telecommunications & Information Administration big-wig takes the seat Debi Tate vacated in January.

Now, for the first time in months, the FCC once again has five commissioners.

Industry Reaction to Baker, Clyburn Confirmations

“The Senate has finalized the FCC leadership critical to realizing our nation’s visionary broadband agenda.”

–Walter McCormick Jr, president and CEO of USTelecom

“Commissioner Clyburn will bring a strong consumer focus to the commission. She will be missed at NARUC. …With the FCC now fully constituted, NARUC looks forward to working closely with all the members of the commission.”

–Frederick Butler, president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners

“Congress and the administration have clearly told our industry that business as usual, and regulation as usual, are not going to meet our goals for job creation and economic recovery, and these appointments are welcomed steps toward a new regulatory environment.”

–Heather Gold, senior vice president of external affairs for XO Communications

“We’ve long noted Ms. Baker’s ability to balance very technical issues, like those involving spectrum management and satellite regulation, while keeping focused on how those issues impact people in the real world. Ms. Clyburn’s work over more than a decade as a state regulator will bring invaluable insight to the FCC just when it needs it most.”

–Larissa Herda, president, chairman and CEO of tw telecom

“With all five commissioners now onboard, the agency is well-equipped to promote innovative wireless broadband services and achieve universal wireless broadband access in the United States.

–Fred Campbell, president of Wireless Communications Association International

“Being a native of Texas will no doubt provide Meredith Baker with a unique understanding of the communications issues facing rural and urban America. … Mignon Clyburn’s background in print media provides her with an important perspective to understand the challenges facing traditional media outlets in these difficult economic times.”

–Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, R-Texas, ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee

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