AT&T Bashing All Wrong?

AT&T has taken a lot of heat over the past couple of years for service problems and outages, much of it well-deserved. But you might want to stop and think about where we would be without the phone giant and keep in mind that the problems aren’t all AT&T’s fault.

A new Washington Post article points out that nobody anticipated the wild success the iPhone would be for the carrier. The AT&T network simply has been overwhelmed by the amount of users and the number of applications they are downloading. The company admitted that on its quarterly conference call Thursday.

Also keep in mind, says the Post, that if not for AT&T, we might be in the Stone Age (relatively speaking, of course.) The article lauds the carrier for being willing to give so much control to Apple when it signed the exclusive deal for the iPhone. That has streamlined the customer experience, at least when it comes to buying apps, ringtones, etc. Sure, maybe another carrier would’ve signed on with Apple, but who knows? And maybe the terms of the agreement would’ve put more roadblocks in the way of a good customer experience.

So whaddaya think, should we ease up on AT&T?

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