Polycom, ShoreTel Announce Further Interoperability

Polycom Inc. (PLCM) announced that its digital enhanced cordless telephony (DECT) wireless voice systems have been certified for use with ShoreTel‘s (SHOR) Unified Communications (UC) solutions.

The solutions now certified for use with ShoreTel include the Polycom KIRK Wireless Servers (KWS) 6000 and 300, as well as the full portfolio of KIRK handsets. The addition of the KIRK products to the ShoreTel-certified portfolio offers more flexibility and choice for customers deploying ShoreTel’s UC solutions.

The KWS300 is an SIP-based wireless telephony system that is ideal for smaller sized businesses. The KWS300 is a single-cell system that can support up to 12 handsets and four simultaneous calls. A total of six KIRK repeaters can be added to extend the coverage area.

The KWS6000 is a SIP-based wireless telephony solution that can fulfill the wireless needs of more than 4,000 mobile employees. It is a multi-cell solution that is extremely scalable, whether an end user needs radio coverage of a large geographical area or a large number of mobile employees need the flexibility of wireless telephony. Since it can grow as the business grows, it provides strong investment protection and is ideal for midsize businesses and large enterprises looking to support a rapidly evolving wireless strategy.

Polycom also offers a full range of KIRK wireless handsets that target both carpeted environments and industrial facilities that need durable and ruggedized handsets. Organizations can choose a combination of handsets in the wireless DECT solution to meet the individual needs of every employee.

All of the solutions above are available through ShoreTel certified resellers. Pricing for the KIRK solutions varies depending on the configuration and number of handsets, which start at a price of $140.

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