Zultys Partners With PhyBridge to Ease IP PBX Installs

Zultys Inc. and Phybridge have teamed up to enable companies to deploy a VoIP and unified communications platform over their existing telephone wiring.

The plug-and-play Phybridge UniPhyer leverages telephone cabling infrastructure to create a parallel network with power-over-Ethernet. This is a plug-and-play solution that can be deployed quickly and easily with the default configuration. The UniPhyer provides a permanent point-to-point link between the IP phone jack on the PhyAdapter and Phybridge UniPhyer and is able to guarantee predictable communication between the two end points. According to Phybridge, IP telephony deployed on a Phybridge platform does not require elaborate buffer mechanisms to handle out-of-sequence packets and delays due to the multiple hops and multiple paths that packets take in a traditional LAN. The LAN independence of the UniPhyer platform, then, makes IP telephony systems better able to handle network outages. The UniPhyer also provides a singular power source eliminating the need for distributed UPS wiring.

Thy Phybridge UniPhyer works with the Zultys family of IP PBXs. The Zultys MX250 IP PBX and MX30 IP PBX servers function as full PSTN/IP gateways and include business features, such as softphone, find-me/follow-me, presence, secure chat, teleworker support, SIP open standard desktop and cordless phones and more.

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