AT&T Bashed for Service Problems

It’s been a rough day for AT&T, in the blogosphere, at least. Headlines like “AT&T is a big steaming heap of failure” and “Why Apple needs to dump AT&T” are just for starters.

Writing for Tech Crunch, MG Siegler says “there have been no shortage of shortcomings by AT&T.” His last straw is the fact that many users’ visual voice mail system on their iPhones has been inoperable for days – and in some cases – weeks. And he cites many additional problems that result for the user when the problem is eventually fixed. Siegler also points out all of the activation problems people have had with their new iPhones and the network failures that happen “far too often.”

Over at iPhoneNess, they’re calling for Apple to open the iPhone up to other carriers. Why? Dropped calls and service outages.

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