snom Debuts 870 Advanced Multimedia Phone

IP phone maker snom technology AG announced Thursday the addition of a touch-screen phone to its 800 line of advance business VoIP phones launched last fall with the 820. The 870 is an advanced multimedia phone with a larger HD color display and a new touch-screen interface.

Mike Storella, director of business development for snom, said the 870 is the maker’s top of the line VoIP model and will be its “platform for the future.”

The touch-screen, like those on the iPhone or Blackberry Storm, is the new interface to call-control features. The phone still has a regular keypad for dialing, but ditches most of the programmable keys in favor of the intuitive touch-screen menu.

Storella said it eases functions such as conference setup and call swap using drag-and-drop. In addition, users can scroll through their address books, he added.

A wheel in the middle of the phone aids on-screen navigation as with snom’s previous phone models.

An integrated XLM mini-browser provides a range of additional applications, such as controlling and external USB monitoring camera or accessing stock quotes.

The 870 also features support for G.722 wideband HD voice.

Storella noted that the 870 also has two USB ports. One is for Wi-Fi and the other is unassigned. The idea, he said, is to allow flexibility for users to connect cameras or other modules (e.g. an attendant console), or just plug in a memory stick to record calls.

The 870 costs $349. That compares to $419 for the 820. snom’s 300 series ranges from $129-$299.


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