South Korean Cyber Attacks Continue

South Korea remains on high alert after waves of denial of service (DoS) attacks hit government servers there and in the United States this week. South Korea had thought the worst was over until a fresh wave of sites were targeted on Thursday, including one of its largest institutions, Kookmin Bank.

Suspicions abound that North Korea — or those sympathizing with North Korea — are to blame for the server attacks. But security analysts are working to track down what they think is a relatively amateurish group of hackers, rather than any state-sponsored entity.

The attacks, which started Saturday, have over the course of the week knocked several sites offline for periods, including the Federal Trade Commission and other government agencies. They are the work of bots, automated software that that floods Web sites with so many requests that the servers are overwhelmed. Bots — and DoS attacks — are generally considered an intermediate-level form of hacking.

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