Nortel Needs MatlinPatterson, Writes Industry Insider

The debate over Nortel’s future rages on. Which would be better, to keep the company virtually intact, or to sell the various assets to the highest bidders?

Writing for Seeking Alpha, frequent Nortel blogger Mark Evans says the choice is simple: Give MatlinPatterson a chance to buy the company and keep it whole.

Evans writes, “This seems like a better and more pragmatic approach than the senseless destruction of a once-great company that is suffering from bad strategic decisions and a lack of long-term vision.”

But Evans goes on to write that there would be bumps in the road and not everyone would be happy, despite the fact that “MatlinPatterson looks like a white knight.” He says the global advisers are known for taking on companies in distress and focusing on making investors happy.

He also expresses some concern about a lack of information about MatlinPatterson’s investment approach on the company Web site, but maintains that selling to the equity firm is definitely a better option than breaking the company into many parts.


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