BlackBerry Tour: Ridiculously Fabulous

The BlackBerry Tour is “awesome.”

That’s the word from the Boy Genius Report, which got its hands on a preview unit from Verizon Wireless (the Tour will also launch on Sprint-Nextel Corp.. And, the reviewers had little but praise to give the handset, aside from noting its lack of Wi-Fi and a slightly slower processor than the BlackBerry Bold, which is the Tour’s GSM bro and form factor inspiration over at AT&T Inc..

Here’s what they had to say about the Tour, launching later this month:

Voice calling: “It’s an awesome experience with Verizon on the Tour.”

Speaker: “One of the loudest and most useful speakerphones we’ve used.”

OS: “We’ve been pounding on two different BlackBerry Tours now and haven’t had a single reset, crash, or any other issue that would affect you in a major way.”

Hardware: “Great. Looking at it from a larger viewpoint, the device is incredibly well built.”

Keyboard: “Simple, easy to use, and perfectly laid out. It’s a winner.”

Bottom line: “The best BlackBerry on the market.”

For more details on the Tour, click here.


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