Zer01 Touts Unlimited Wireless, Teams With Netmovies

Zer01 Mobile has formally launched its new nationwide unlimited voice, data and Web mobile wireless service. The company says the service will allow users to make as many phone calls, surf the Web, view movies and videos, text messages, play games, download music and use their smartphones for a variety of other applications all for one, low monthly fee (which was not immediately available).

Offering the new mobile wireless service as a mobile virtual network enabler, Zer01 Mobile has created its own grouping of mobile virtual network operators and strategic business alliances, including a new partnership with, an online entertainment network.

The new Zer01 service made its initial appearance at the CTIA Wireless Conference in April. The company says its international plan also reaches out to the most popular calling countries around the world and is also economically priced. Zer01 has licensed, patent-pending proprietary VMC technology that allows each smart phone user to make voice calls or transmit data by sending voice communications through a VoIP system.

NetMovies is an online entertainment network providing producers and owners of video content a secure, highly functional and efficient digital distribution outlet. NetMovies’ proprietary downstreaming network builds on the technology model pioneered at Napster which was created using a regulated peering system offering high-speed downloads and secure and flexible digital rights management. NetMovies’ video content is licensed from studios or created by independent artists and introduced into a centrally managed and protected network then distributed to and among paying subscribers.


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