Palm Pre Called Serious Contender to iPhone

It’s now been one month since Palm released its much-hyped Pre. Two weeks have passed since Apple came out with the latest version of the iPhone, the 3G S. So now that the dust has settled a bit, how do the two stack up?

The gang over at InfoWorld pitted the two against each other in a number of categories, including e-mail, contacts and calendars; applications; Web and Internet; user interface; location support; and security management.

The writers consider the Pre an obvious winner in multitasking. They say the iPhone badly needs to improve its ability to run multiple applications at one time. The iPhone gets the edge for business use, however. Management and security is also an area where Apple’s product is the leader, and of course, the sheer number of apps available is an advantage for the iPhone.

Overall, InfoWorld gives the iPhone the edge, but considers the Pre to be a “serious contender” in the smartphone space. BlackBerry’s efforts, they say, have been “uninspiring.”

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