Palm Pre Bashed in Europe

Just when all seemed to be rosy for the new Palm Pre, someone comes out and bashes it – and bashes it hard. Europe is getting set for the debut of the Pre in the next couple of months, but already, some tough British critics are taking some of the comments they’ve heard from the States and are preparing Brits everywhere for the worst.

Writing for IT PRO, Davey Winder calls it “buyer regret syndrome.” He cites a whole lot of complaints in online forums about the Pre’s large, slide-out keyboard. It looks attractive, he writes, but concerns “revolve around it being wobbly and certain keys working loose very quickly. Some users are complaining that the device even shuts down when the keyboard slides out.” He says poor sealing around the case of the Pre is making a lot of customers regret their purchase. And to top it all off, the screen cracks very easily, Winder writes. In the online forums, some people report being on their second or third replacement Pre just since it went on sale a month ago.

But don’t worry, Pre lovers. The Apple iPhone is not immune to the blogger’s criticism. Winder says the new 3GS is weak on battery power and overheats rather easily.

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