Telx Launches First Video Conferencing Exchange

Telx Inc. announced this week that it has become the first colocation and interconnection provider to offer a VPN-NAP that is optimized for video transmission. The first Telx Video Xchange will be located in the company’s facility in 60 Hudson Street in New York City and will enable customers to deploy and use video conferencing or telepresence equipment with other entities on different networks.

The new service solves the critical inter-enterprise video issues that have hindered the adoption of such technology to date, such as mismatched QoS, addressing conflicts and asynchronous security, for carriers, enterprises and systems integrators.

VPN-NAPs are network exchange facilities that securely connect networks for private, private-to-private, and/or public communications. Using this architecture for the Telx Video Xchange provides a secure business-to-business video exchange that enables a customer to connect to their customers, suppliers and partners that are operating on different private networks.

Standards-based addressing, security and QoS transliteration are handled in the Telx Video Xchange, ensuring quality transmission of video for customers.

“Telx provides extensive secure space for customer equipment, such as video bridges. Also our carrier-neutral colocation environment allows cross-connections with a global marketplace of more than 600 service providers. This makes Telx an excellent provider to offer a video exchange,” said Rose Klimovich, vice president of product development and product management for Telx. “Leveraging our network-neutral environment, customers can enable use of enterprise video across private networks by in building cross-connects. Telx provides the previously missing component in the exploding world of enterprise video communications.”

The Telx Video Xchange is based on the IP V Gateways Connectivity+ software platform, which enables video conferencing as well as integrated audio, desktop conferencing systems and Web-enabled devices across carrier and private network boundaries.

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