Internets Global Village Theory Debunked

Years ago we learned how the great Information Superhighway was going to open up a great “Global Village” where everyone would join hand-in-hand in a great new spirit of communication. In some respects, it has.

But a new study from The Hebrew University in Jerusalem says, in many ways, it’s done the opposite. You may be able to e-mail someone 10,000 miles away just as easily as you can your next-door neighbor, but the study says – you don’t.

The researchers followed the messaging habits of 100,000 people on Facebook. It turns out the percentage of time we spend e-mailing people close to us has risen astronomically when compared to the e-mail we send to recipients far from our own zip codes.

The study argues that business plans should not necessarily focus on what we now think of as a “small world” because the vast majority of communication still goes on between people who are closely connected by geography.

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