TCM Mobile to Enter Dual Band Phone Market

TCM Mobile has announced a next-generation, dual band handset capable of operating on both the TCM Mobile Cellular VOIP Network and on traditional GSM cellular networks when outside of TCM’s coverage area. The new handset, which is scheduled for release in the next two to three months, will be the technology company’s first foray into dual band phones.

With existing dual band handsets currently on the market, the GSM cellular service is the default mode while WiFi is a value added feature allowing for lower cost service in home/office enterprise environments. TCM’s dual band device, however, is the first of its kind whereby the Cellular VoIP service is the default mode while a GSM network can be used when outside TCM’s coverage area, according to TCM Mobile.

The company is actively pursuing discussions with potential strategic partners to roll out the TCM Mobile network nationwide and in international marketplaces. However, with the introduction of a dual band handset, the network can be deployed on a gradual basis while users have the convenience of carrying just one device without any interruption of coverage.

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