Vidyo Enables Connexus Videoconferencing Service

Vidyo Inc. and Connexus announced that they have formed a strategic partnership to introduce Connexus-on-Demand, a new videoconferencing service based upon Vidyo’s technology. Connexus has been providing videoconferencing services since 1990, offering public room access, multipoint bridging, MCU management, equipment, consulting, scheduling services, Internet gateway services, Webcasting and training. Vidyo said it is the first company to license technology and deliver products built upon an entirely new videoconferencing architecture that utilizes the most current video compression standard – H.264/SVC.

Connexus-on-Demand offers videoconferencing connectivity between PC or Mac computers for up to 50 people in a single conference, and connectivity between computers and legacy systems including those using ISDN as a network protocol. Connexus-on-Demand subscriptions may be purchased for periods of three, six or 12 months. Premium users may connect directly with other users and invite guests and other users into Virtual Rooms for multipoint VidyoConferences. Basic users can connect directly to other Basic users or Premium users, and can be invited to join a multipoint VidyoConference. Connections to legacy videoconferencing systems are provided on a reservation basis and costs are applied against allowances granted as part of the Connexus-on-Demand subscription. In addition to subscriptions, Connexus also offers virtual rooms, individual events and ad-hoc services for intermittent usage.

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