TANDBERG Unveils SMB Videoconferencing Solution

TANDBERG has announced that in an effort to help SMBs gain a competitive edge, the company has unveiled the TANDBERG Quick Set C20, a 1080p videoconferencing solution designed specifically to meet the needs of SMBs.

“TANDBERG predicts that SMBs will recover faster than many larger companies and we plan to help them succeed,” said Fredrik Halvorsen, CEO, TANDBERG. “We are very excited to introduce the TANDBERG Quick Set C20 as the first offering of its kind – providing absolute quality video at a price point within the reach of smaller businesses.”

The TANDBERG Quick Set C20 is a complete visual communication package that includes a TANDBERG Codec C20, a high-resolution 1080p30 camera with 4x zoom, a remote control and a microphone. The system can be plugged into any high-definition display for immediate video conferencing capabilities.

The TANDBERG Quick Set C20plus is an enhanced offering that comes with a 12x zoom camera and the ability to select 1080p30 or 720p60 modes. Both Quick Set C20 packages have the ability to support dual screens for enhanced multimedia sharing and are supported by the TANDBERG Management Suite. And if clients ever require multipoint conferences, the company’s line of HD TANDBERG MCUs will work with the Quick Set C20 to easily enable larger conferences in full 1080p30 HD with a software upgrade scheduled for availability in early Q3.

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