Access One Offers Chicagoland Ethernet

Access One Inc., a Chicago-based integrated communications provider, has launched several new Ethernet access solutions.

Ethernet over Fiber (EoF) is used to deliver full and sub-rate Fast Ethernet to fiber-ready buildings. Ethernet over Copper (EoC) uses bonded technology that combines multiple copper pairs to deliver broadband Ethernet in areas not served by fiber. Ethernet over Serial (EoS) makes use of bonded T1 services to deliver broadband Ethernet to those areas out of reach of EoC technology. All three technologies will deliver a 10mbps handoff with scalability to 100mbps for both dedicated Internet access and private line applications.

“This technology is a real game changer,” said Mark Jozwiak, president of Access One. “Now, a midmarket business customer can take advantage of high-speed data transmission at a fraction of the cost of traditional DS3 technology.”

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