AirMagnet Debuts Policy Library

AirMagnet Inc., a provider of security, performance and compliance solutions for wireless LANs, has announced a new policy library for AirMagnet Enterprise. This library aggregates the expertise of dozens of industry experts and Wi-Fi application design guides into a set of ready-to-use profiles that assist customers in the management of complex tasks such as monitoring and troubleshooting voice-over-WLAN and setting up Wi-Fi security policies.

The new library includes an expert voice policy that is specifically designed for environments deploying VoWLAN. Wireless data networks often have severe issues when attempting to integrate voice. To design and maintain a well-performing VoWLAN, network managers must understand voice-specific characteristics including the varying performance thresholds of different phones and access points (APs), coverage requirements and roaming. AirMagnet provides a preconfigured policy based on a host of industry leading AP and phone vendors’ design guides, as well as best practice policies defined by industry experts.

In addition, other new policies are included to help companies get wireless monitoring up and running quickly and identify the most important security vulnerabilities and challenges in the network. These policies allow users to manage and learn the basics of Wi-Fi security management such as enforcing authentication and encryption rules, creating automatic responses to rogue devices and how to automate notifications to staff without being overwhelmed with complex policy decisions.

“WLAN monitoring and troubleshooting is a target that’s always moving, not only from a vulnerability and performance standpoint, but as it relates to new technology as well,” said Chris Roeckl, vice president of marketing at AirMagnet. “The ready-to-use profiles in the new AirMagnet library place comprehensive industry expertise right at your fingertips, offering unrivaled assistance for complex tasks such as setting up Wi-Fi security policies and monitoring and troubleshooting voice-over-WLAN, simply and effectively.”

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