AT&T Slammed for iPhone 3GS Upgrade Pricing

It is the summer of iPhone users’ discontent. And, they are not keeping it to themselves. They are flooding the blogosphere in protest over AT&T’s upgrade pricing policies for the new Apple iPhone 3GS, which goes on sale June 19.

The new 16GB model costs $399 – almost double the price users paid for their current 8GB iPhone 3G. Forget the two-year contracts that subsidized those prices; they want their upgrade now! So much so that they’ve signed a Twitter petition (a twitition), which as of Thursday morning was nearing 6,900 signatures.

So what’s a carrier to do? Marketing experts suggest AT&T push the free iPhone software upgrade. (Free is good.) And, how about a rebate for loyal users? (Not bad.) Or this gem: Pass along their old iPhone to a friend, who has to sign a new contract for a discount on the new one. (Yeah, that’s the way to lose friends: “Here, have my leftovers and, BTW, you have to pay for it for the next two years.”) A better idea – extend their contract an extra year for the lower-cost upgrade. And, of course, the old standby: Ignore it.

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