Genachowskis FCC Confirmation Hearing Set for June 16

At long last, nominee for FCC chairman, Julius Genachowski, will get his day in Congress.

The Senate Commerce Committee will hold Genachowski’s much-delayed confirmation hearing on June 16. Committee members also will consider whether to honor President Obama’s nomination of Mignon Clyburn as the third Democrat on the FCC, as well as Republican Rob McDowell’s re-nomination.

Clyburn is expected to replace Jonathan Adelstein, who is leaving to head the Rural Utilities Service.

The June 16 announcement marks a big step toward finally getting the FCC back to a full complement. The number of commissioners dwindled to three in January when former FCC Chairman Kevin Martin resigned, as did Republican Debi Tate.

And Genachowski & Co. face some major issues, chief among them the debate over net neutrality as the FCC formulates a national broadband strategy.

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