Programmer: iPhone Will Crush Android

Android, the mobile operating system developed by Google, is becoming available on more devices, and is generally perceived as good technology. But one programmer says you shouldn’t expect it to compete with the technology running Apple’s iPhone for very long.

Writing for ComputerWorld, Cincom Systems’ Troy Brumley likens Android vs. iPhone to the beta/VHS debate of the 1980s. One might sound appealing, but there simply won’t be room both in the marketplace.

Brumley says there are two main reasons why Android won’t beat the iPhone in the world of smartphones: design and competition. The Android-based G1, for instance, is too brick-like and less pleasing to the eye. And the introduction of the Palm Pre into the market is going to make inroads for Android even tougher. It’s sleek in appearance, much like the iPhone.

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