Palm Pre Fervor Fair, But Not Huge

After months of hype, the Palm Pre finally hit stores over the weekend. There were lines in some places and excitement was there, but that excitement doesn’t compare to the initial release of the Apple iPhone two years ago. That’s the New York Times’ take on the new Pre.

Reviews have been good for the device that Palm hopes will once again make it a major player in the mobile device market. While the jury on the Pre is still out, it seems unlikely to be the “iPhone killer” that some Palm enthusiasts were hoping for, based on its first weekend of release.

Sprint, which ranks behind AT&T and Verizon in terms of wireless subscribers, hope the Pre – for which it has exclusive rights – can help reduce churn and bring back some subscribers it has lost to the other phone giants.

The Pre will set you back $200 after a $100 rebate and a two-year service contract, which is comparable to other smartphones in its class.

Many wonder if the Pre’s thunder is about to be stolen. Apple is expected to announce the latest version of the iPhone as early as today.

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