Fickle Humans. Why Have You Abandoned Your Blogs?

Oh humanity, how easily you give up. Your dedication to blogging is about as steadfast as Jon & Kate’s marriage. Once upon a time, you churned out at least 133 million blogs. But today, it’s a stretch that 10 million of them remain active. (Thank goodness Jon & Kate just stuck with baby-making…)

Of course, we could attribute the slowdown to people realizing that sunlight is indeed a vital element of life, or that face-to-face communication is (generally) more preferable and rewarding than pixelized verbiage, or that the one-time authors of these now-neglected blogs have passed on.

Or, we could get depressingly honest and just admit to ourselves that we’re not as interesting as we’d like everybody to think. Considering that maybe 100,000 blogs generate page views these days, a lot of introspective types could have realized this fact, which would help account for the depletion in digital dish.

But don’t despair, oh would-be-blog-millionaires. Long-form writing via the Internet is so yesterday. If somebody moved your Internet cheese, follow it. For the next few months anyway, said cheese would probably resemble Twitter. Just be aware that someday, Twitter will join the blogosphere in smelling like limburger. Fickle, fickle humans.

P.S. Someone please start a petition to eject ‘Jon & Kate’ from the airwaves so that we might all resume our normal, blog-filled – or not, as the case most likely is – lives. Thank you.

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