Facebook, Twitter Becoming Job Search Tools

Newspaper classifieds? Passé. Yes, it too could be considered passé. Craigslist? Possibly … what? More and more job seekers are now turning to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking Web sites to find jobs. And for some, landing employment is happening much more quickly than in more traditional methods.

Take, for example, the Cleveland architect that Time Magazine profiled. He used social networking to get back on the job just 11 days after he was laid off.

The average job search takes almost three months, and with the nation’s unemployment rate at 9.4 percent, that length of time could grow. But in steps social networking to the rescue.

Many job seekers are sending instant job-search updates on Twitter and the like. They’re meeting new people and joining Web-networking sites they find online. This is proving popular because more than one-quarter of all hires, according to surveys, come from referrals. If someone in the company where you’re looking to get hired knows you, or knows of you, your chances at landing that job zoom up. And what better way to get to know someone quickly and efficiently than via social networking?

Time’s social networking poster-boy, David Ward, sent a message to all of his 200 Facebook friends just hours after getting the ax, notifying them of his job situation. He updated his LinkedIn resume, and had a phone interview within just a few days.


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