Carrier Wars: Sprint-Palm Pre Deal More Than 6 Months?

At long last, the Palm Pre will go on sale tomorrow. But the battle over who will carry the device is just getting started.

Yes, Sprint has an exclusive deal on it for now, but Verizon’s CEO recently claimed his company will get its hand on the smartphone by the beginning of next year, raising speculation that the exclusive Sprint-Palm deal was only good for six months. AT&T execs have expressed interest in carrying the Pre as well.

But Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said today that Verizon’s claim of a six-month contract is not correct.

“They need to check their facts,” Hesse said.

Palm and Sprint agreed not to announce the length of their deal, but Hesse made it clear today that “it’s not six months.” This raises questions about reports last week that implied Sprint confirmed the six-month report.

The Pre is seen as a possible boost for Sprint, which has been losing subscribers like a sieve, and a savior for Palm, once seen as a pioneer in the mobile device industry. The companies hope they aren’t upstaged by Apple, which is expected to make an announcement about the next generation of its iPhone next week.

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