Palm Pre Finally Gets Good Reviews Prior to Release

There have been a lot of naysayers out there, but the Palm Pre now has a couple of feathers in its cap in the form of rave reviews from two of the world’s leading newspapers.

The New York Times calls the Pre an “elegant, joyous, multitouch smartphone.” The review highlights many of the Pre’s features, including this: “When it’s turned off, the screen disappears completely into the smoky finish, leaving a stunning, featureless talisman. It’s exactly the right size. It’s smaller than the iPhone — half an inch shorter, though a quarter-inch thicker — and therefore more comfortable as a phone.”

The Sydney Morning Herald heralds the coming of the Pre as well, saying it has better software than the iPhone.

OK, not everyone’s convinced. PC World’s reviewer says a week of testing the Pre makes him glad he’s an iPhone user. The magazine claims the Pre is “not the home run Palm needed.”

The Pre goes on sale Saturday, June 6 at Sprint stores and a handful of major electronics retailers.


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