Optimum Lightpath Rolls HD Voice

Optimum Lightpath has rolled out high-definition voice for New York metropolitan-area mid-sized and large businesses.

The functionality runs via Optimum Lightpath’s hosted voice service, Cisco IP phones and its Ethernet-based fiber optic network.

Since HD voice uses less bandwidth than standard G711 voice, it enables more bandwidth and improves IP transit. As a result, HD voice provides greater efficiencies across all voice, data, Internet and video services running across Optimum Lightpath’s Ethernet-based fiber optic network.

“HD voice demonstrates our commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of our services for smart businesses,” said John Macario, senior vice president of product strategy and management. “Understanding how smart technologies work together helps ensure the highest quality of service, a central focus of Optimum Lightpath and key enabler of the smart community of businesses.”

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