6 Reasons Why Palm Pre Is Doomed from the Start

For every story hyping the upcoming release of the Palm Pre, there’s another that tells us why it will fail. The latest lists six specific reasons why the Pre is doomed from the start.

Writing for Business Week, William Hurley says the Pre has no shot against its rivals in the smartphone market, particularly the Apple iPhone. The reasons include these six potentially devastating problems:

  • Palm has failed to support its developer community.
  • There’s too much competition out there (read: iPhone)
  • The $199 price tag isn’t low enough since other established smartphones are at or around that price.
  • Exclusive carrier Sprint has too many problems.
  • Palm is behind in the apps race.
  • Apple will steal the Pre’s thunder at its Worldwide Developers Conference next week.

Is he right?  We might know a lot more very soon.



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